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Do you require the services of an air conditioning technician? You can never deny how vital an air conditioning system is, especially on a hot Toronto summer day. A perfectly working ac works day in and day out to make sure we feel comfortable throughout the warm season. 

Unfortunately, there are times when the air conditioner starts acting up and emits warm air instead of cool air. An A/C blowing out warm air may be due to a bad compressor, or your unit has run low on refrigerant. A warm-air-emitting air conditioner may not only be the sign of a failing cooling unit. It can be as worse as having an A/C that spews out a horrifyingly stinking breeze.

An unpleasant smell coming from an air conditioner signifies that something is not right with your unit. Following are reasons why your AC is not operating correctly. If you cannot fix it yourself, it may be time to call an air conditioning technician.

Your A/C Isn’t the Right Size

The size of your air conditioning unit matters – a lot. Remember that your A/C cools down your home’s temperature and plays a significant role in dehumidifying. It takes the heat from the air and gets rid of moisture. And while a bigger air conditioning unit for a relatively small space may give you better cooling effects, it won’t help much with the dehumidification process. When an A/C is too big for a specific room, it doesn’t do a complete cycle which means it cannot effectively remove the humidity from the air.

With an A/C that is too large for the zone it’s cooling, this becomes a breeding ground for particles that can directly affect your health. During the hot summer days when the humidity level is high, mould and mildew can stick to the dampness of the air conditioner and eventually grow on the unit’s components. These will ultimately spread and be emitted together with the air you breathe. You will be experiencing an unhealthy dose of cold air, but you will also be smelling something unpleasant. You can correct this problem by either running a dehumidifier or changing your air conditioner to size and make that is suitable for your room.

Your Condensation Drain is Clogged

The dehumidifying functionality of an air conditioner affects the air we require. However, this can also contribute to the smelly breeze you get from your unit. That nasty smell may come from a clogged condensation drain that becomes a breeding ground for mould and mildew. A clogged drain happens when the frost layer on the evaporator coil starts to condense and eventually drains into a pan outside the house. When the pan clogs, mould begins to grow in the pan, which then circulates in the rooms of your home in the form of a dirty sock stench.

To unclog the pan, drain the pan with a sharp object. If it doesn’t fix the issue, you may need to call an air conditioning technician to complete the job.

You Have Dirty Internal Coils

An air conditioner consists of several coils used to heat and cool the air. If dirt and bacteria infest the internal coils, they can discharge a stench when air passes through them. The easiest way to clean internal coils is to turn your A/C off and spray the coils with compressed air. It is also advisable to do the same before using it for the summer.

Your Filters are Clogged

Filters play the role of cleaning the air in the air conditioner before it gets distributed to your home. Dirty filters can clog with dirt and bacteria-infested particles that produce a foul smell. Change your filters monthly to avoid stinky smells and prevent your A/C from working harder than it should.

You Have Dead Animals in Your A/C Unit

What could be the worst reason your A/C is sending out that horrid smell? Dead animals. It could be a rat, a possum, or a bird. These can die in the outside unit or even in the vents. You must call in an air conditioning technician to remove dead animals and avoid possible health risks. Once your air conditioning system is free from these animals, you can enjoy a comfortable temperature without the annoying smell.

Note that air conditioners don’t usually smell. You might have a valid reason to call for a professional air conditioning technician.

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