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7 Common AC Repair Problems

There is a short list of things you usually associate with summer. They are green grass, lemonade, kids playing outside, and the unbearable scorching heat of the summer sun. You turn to your air conditioner and consider it as your newfound BFF soon after the hot and humid Juneau, Alaska summer temperature rises to the unbearable triple digits. Most homeowners take their ACs for granted and only starts to realize its worth in the absence of the cool air it delivers in their home. You’ll soon appreciate the value of your AC unit after a few days of having to endure the sweltering heat and wear clothes that are completely soaked and sticking to your entire body. In the hot heat, your AC unit undergoes extreme stress from having to work non-stop and with no reprieve. It is why ACs are most likely to break down during summer and cause you so much trouble. Here are a few of the AC issues you might be facing this summer.


One of the first thing you must check before proceeding to call for an AC repair is to determine whether the room with the AC is properly setup. You might complain about the inefficiency of your air conditioner and the obvious degree of the heat you have to contend with, minus the cool air that used to circulate inside your home. When the point of the matter is that you left a window open on the opposite end of the room. To top it off, you’ll require a unit that is commensurate with the size of your room. Also, do not forget to seal doors and windows so that the cool air does not escape the room.


Your AC’s gas is its refrigerant. To ensure that it works efficiently and is in tip-top shape, you need to put the right amount of gas to meet its minimum requirement. It may be that your unit’s refrigerant is not fully charged from during its installation and will require the services of an AC expert to refill it. Then, there will also be instances when a leak happens and you will also need the services of a technician to come to your home and fix the leak. By doing so, you can prevent toxic refrigerants do not circulate inside the room.


An AC becomes vulnerable to electrical breakdowns when it continually cycles on and off during the summer season. It happens because it is just so hot outside that you need the AC to work nonstop, or your AC unit is not adequate for the size of your room. Also, your unit’s fan controls and compressor wears out, and corrosion attacks its wire terminals. It can lead to the AC’s power loss. Thankfully, AC Repair can fix the problem and save your AC unit. But most of the time, your AC is doomed once it experiences an electrical breakdown.


At a certain point in time, your AC will start to act up, and you will come to the conclusion and put the blame on your worn-out appliance. In reality, you are to blame for this sad fate since you were supposed to conduct regular maintenance checks to ensure that your unit is in good condition. For example, it is your obligation to regularly replace your unit’s air filters. You also need to clear its coils from debris and other particles that can obstruct it. Fan motors and other components of your AC strain harder because of the buildup of dirt and debris. As a result, your unit will likely break down even before its warranty runs out.


Air conditioners are designed to allow water to drain out the back of the air conditioner. At times, clogs can form on these drains and impede the excess humidity from leaving the room. In return, it can damage your walls and other home interiors. Lastly, it can damage the unit itself. You do not need the help of AC Repair to fix this problem for you. With just a thin yet stiff piece of wire, you can unclog the drain in no time at all. A faulty window system can also be the culprit for certain drainage issues, or when it was not mounted at the right level as well.


A thermostat sensor reads the air temperature going inside the evaporator coil and accompanies window type ACs for individual rooms. The sensor’s location is at the back of the control panel and will start to exhibit flaws and defects when it gets knocked out of its ideal location. When you make the unfortunate mistake of moving the sensor, your AC will start to misbehave like constantly cycling, or not dispersing sufficient cool air to circulate inside the room. You can easily remedy this problem. All you need to do is to open the control panel and readjust the misplaced sensor. The best location is near its coil, but it must not touch it though. You can adjust the sensor and secure it in place by simply bending its wire.


You will most likely start to experience performance issues once you discover that your AC’s coil is frozen. Your first course of action upon finding this out is to turn off your AC for a while to be able to thaw your coil. The next step is to identify the reason your AC unit got frozen in the first place. In general, its reason can be one of these three:

  • The Refrigerant – heat moves through the AC’s system because of its refrigerant. It also maintains its pressure and temperature. If you are low on refrigerant, your AC temperature will drop significantly, which may lead to a frozen coil. Your entire system will end up frozen if you let this issue persist.
  • Airflow – the air source running throughout your AC unit is also central to its operation. If there is an airflow obstruction, it ends up absorbing heat and results to the drop in pressure and also end up freezing the coil and the other components of the AC. Filthy filters, the buildup of debris, closed vents, and faulty blower motors are some of the culprits that end up impeding airflow. A certified AC repairman must investigate this case to find out the exact cause of the coil’s freezing.
  • Temperature – your AC can also end up frozen because of the extreme in the contrasting temperatures it experiences. It is very hot outside while its thermostat is set to create a super chilly atmosphere inside.

Careful use of your air conditioner and allowing it to rest at intervals, like when you are away for work or leisure, you can prolong the life of your AC unit. If nothing works, contact a local air conditioning contractor for assistance.