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Most of us can be stuck deciding on the battle between central ac vs heat pump. If you live in Toronto, you know how unpredictable the weather can be these days. As homeowners, we rely heavily on investing in perfect heating or cooling partners for a comfortable indoor temperature. It is why adequate knowledge about these things always comes in handy.

This article will dive into the primary differences between the two systems. We will give you a deeper understanding of their advantages to determine what suits your preferences best.

How are these two different from one another?

Whenever the comparison of central ac vs heat pump happens, their differences are the main highlights that come to the picture. As a homeowner, you want to know how they differ and what puts the other at an advantage. 

Both the central air conditioner and heat pump utilize a compressed refrigerant to provide your home with cooling. But what makes the heat pump a step ahead in the game is its capability to provide your home with heating. While both systems give you cooler temperatures during summer days, your central AC cannot help you during the winter. It is why most homes that have central ACs have furnaces as partners for colder seasons. 

On the other hand, the heat pump can provide warming and cooling for your home. It is possible thanks to its reversing valve located on the outside unit. Heat pumps can acquire energy from the outdoor airflow and transfer that to the inside of your home. While the central AC also has an outdoor unit, it doesn’t have a reversing valve. Hence, it is not capable of doing what the heat pump does.  

How do I know which one suits my home best?

We know that you only want what’s best for your home. While the battle for central ac vs heat pump might be hard to decide, we noted some of the factors you need to consider before purchasing.

The unit’s efficiency and heating and cooling operations costs are vital factors. A heat pump could be your best partner if you live in temperatures where cold is not beyond the extremes. Since the heat pump acquires outdoor air, it will be less expensive than furnaces run by gas or fuel. However, if you are in a location with brutal winters, they can be more costly. Heat pumps require more energy to provide heating when the temperature drops to freezing than furnaces. As for cooling, both have variants with high SEER ratings. Remember that SEER rating matter more than the type of system you are getting. 

Another factor is the lifespan of the system. While it depends on maintenance and usage, experts deem that ACs have a longer life expectancy than heat pumps. Since heat pumps are helpful regardless of the season, their components are more exposed to wear and tear. Lastly, costs of installation and purchase are also essential. As you prepare your budget, you have to note that indoor units of heat pumps may cost cheaper, but the outdoor unit is expensive upfront. However, if the price tag doesn’t bother you, you can disregard this.

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