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central air conditioner vs heat pump
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Knowing which product is best for you can be challenging if you are a newbie in the sea of HVAC creations. The ongoing battle of central air conditioner vs heat pump could somehow confuse a unit owner firsthand. 

It is very usual to get stuck in the dilemma of opting for a conventional central air conditioner or a heat pump. But worry not! This extensive guide will help you choose the best HVAC system for your home like a pro. 

Baby steps to take before deciding:

  1. Know their difference.
  2. Study how each system functions.
  3. Know your home’s needs and your budget.
  4. Analyze the pros and cons of each one.
What are their differences and function? 

A central air conditioner vs heat pump: what makes one different from the other? 

Whether getting a replacement for your home’s cooling system or installing your first HVAC partner, decisions are crucial determiners. Central air conditioners have been everyone’s first choice throughout the years. However, as time passed, heat pumps have significantly taken the spotlight. 

Their main difference is that heat pumps extract cold from the air outside and transfer it to the inside. On the contrary, central air conditioners do not reverse directions. They do not transmit heat energy coming from the exterior of your home. They solely depend on a furnace to be able to produce heat. Meanwhile, heat pumps provide heat and cooling with constant energy transfers and exchange. 

Pros and Cons

Are you stuck between a central air conditioner vs heat pump? We hear you loud and clear. Before you make your final verdict, make sure you weigh out the pros and cons that come up with each system. 

Central Air Conditioners absorb the heat from the indoor air. After it passes through the coils wherein the refrigerants garner the heat, it blows the cool air to your home. Depending on your unit, you can reprogram the thermostat to function based on the desired temperature. Central ACs have an upfront charge, which will be your advantage when you use this. These air conditioners do not require high maintenance, which is good if you want a budget-friendly choice. Although they are considered the most luxurious type to date, they are worth the investment. 

Investing in a heat pump, on the other hand, allows you to have a dual purpose. Be it summertime where you need cool air or winter where you need warmth, heat pumps give you the comfort you need. They give you more uniform temperatures, unlike central ACs, where fluctuations occur. Per studies, heat pumps are more effective in getting rid of the humidity in your indoor air than a central AC system. Their main disadvantage is that they may require more power once the temperature is below the freezing point. It makes a heat pump cost-inefficient compared to a central air conditioner. 

So, which is best for me?

Central air conditioner vs heat pump: which is best for your home? 

While this article may help clarify both differences, functions, advantages, and disadvantages, you can always ask for help. Contacting your trusted local HVAC expert for advice is always your safest bet! 

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