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Air Conditioner Types for Home
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Nowadays, an air conditioner is no longer a want – it is a need. As every summer seems more brutal each year, you don’t want to compromise the comfort of your space. With various air conditioner types for home, it is usual to feel lost. But we got you covered!

In this article, we will be looking into the different types available in the market. We have prepared this extensive guide just for you to help you decide which unit to get for your home. It will help you choose your best HVAC partner before calling your trusted expert to install.

Window Air Conditioner

The first of the many air conditioner types for home is the popular window air conditioner. As the name suggests, the installation for this AC is by the windows. 

If you have a studio-type apartment, this will be ideal for your use. Window air conditioners come in various sizes, and the bigger your unit is, the higher the cooling capacity will be. While they are commonly on windows, some unit owners prefer to drill holes into their walls. However, we do not recommend doing this without professional guidance. 

Window ACs are a good starter choice if you are looking for a budget-friendly unit. It is also ideal if you plan to move out from one place to another, as it only occupies a small space in your baggage. However, purchasing this may not be cost-wise if you have a bigger space. As the unit is relatively minor, the amount of cooling won’t suffice for larger areas. Installing more units to reach the desired temperature could take a toll on your power bills rather than getting a more appropriate AC type. 

Buy this if: You have a small room to cool or a single-level home with just adequate space. They have a meagre upfront cost than other AC types, ideal for budget-savers. However, it is essential to note that this could bug you during operations if you are noise sensitive. They could also be hindering your good view by the window once installation happens. 

Portable Air Conditioners

Next on our list of air conditioner types for home is the portable AC. Yes, a movable variation of air conditioner exists. Surprise! However, not much is promising about this unit aside from its mobility. 

Portable air conditioners are movable from one spot to another. They are ideal for usage if you want to transfer the cooling from one room to the next. Since they are not permanently mounted to the wall or rooted, you have no trouble wheeling them to different locations. Portable ACs are a single unit that exhausts heat to an exterior window. 

With their very low cost in the market, buying this as your starter HVAC partner could be tempting. However, portable ACs only provide “spot cooling.” They aren’t sufficient even for a tiny room as their cooling range is limited. 

Buy this if: If you aren’t bothered by noise during operations, this could fit your liking. Portable ACs are easy to install, and you can do that installation independently. However, they could take up floor space and give a security concern with a window open for its hose vent. 

Ductless / Split Type Air Conditioners

Another common air conditioner types for home are the ductless mini-split ACs. Translating it literally, these are ACs that do not need ducts installation. 

Many homeowners choose this AC to save themselves from the hassle of dealing with ductwork. Aside from the fact that it is time-consuming, duct installation could be costly. Although they are more expensive than the window type AC, they could be more budget-friendly than an HVAC system with ducts. 

Ductless air conditioners have an outdoor and indoor unit connected through tubes. This tubing contains refrigerants which pass through the wall, interconnecting both units. As the indoor unit blows cool air inside, the outdoor unit transposes the heat acquired to the outside. 

Buy this if: If your home does not have a duct system available, you could go for this option. Aside from their efficiency and quiet operation, this type of AC is compact. Unlike window ACs where you have to install in a window or drill your walls, ductless ACs require none. The disadvantage of this is that they only cool one room at a time and only have limited area reach. If you have a vast space to cool, you may not get the desired temperature if you have this AC. 

Central Air Conditioners

Last but not the least of all the air conditioner types for home is the central AC system. It’s impossible not to have heard of this variant of AC, as they are considered the most luxurious one to date. 

Central air conditioners are considered the most efficient ones in the market. They allow you to cool different areas of your home simultaneously. It happens through the magic of a duct system which propels the cool air into your home. And you know what’s even cooler? They do that without all the noise! Since central air conditioners are outside, they won’t bother you even if they are on. Cool air, quiet space, sounds like a total win.

The Central AC system utilizes two units to deliver its wonders to your home. The evaporating and condensing units are interconnected to work to provide quality cool air into your dwelling. Because of such perfect synchronicity, central air conditioners are the most expensive type on the market. They are also low maintenance and are very rare to experience AC problems. Quality beats quantity in the long run, so your investment will not be wasted! 

Buy this if: If you have that budget to invest in a long-time HVAC partner, hop on for a central air conditioner. If you also don’t mind the rigorous process of installation of a duct system (if you don’t have one yet), give it a go. They are made to cater to an entire house’s needs perfectly and are way more efficient than any other AC type. This type of AC can be expensive initially but can be programmed to save some bucks on your power bill. 

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