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Canadians cannot deny that each passing winter seems more brutal than the other. With all parts of the country experiencing all four seasons, a reliable heating system is necessary. As heat pumps gain popularity due to their promising function, you might have asked, “Do heat pumps work in Canada?”

No matter where you’re located in this country, having an indoor heating partner is vital. While there could be several variants to choose from, we don’t want you to invest in something not worth it. For this reason, we created this article to focus on heat pumps. Would they be an efficient option? Are they the best deal for you in the market? Find out more below.

Let’s define what heat pumps are.

In a previous study last 2017, it is found that about 55% of homes in Canada utilize a forced-air furnace system. We can see how most Canadians are unfamiliar with heat pumps with that data. Most might have asked, “Do heat pumps work in Canada?” Before we move forward in answering that, let us first identify how heat pumps function. 

A heat pump utilizes heat from the outdoor air to warm the indoor space. With the use of a reversing valve located in the outdoor unit, it transfers heat effectively. Unlike conventional furnace systems, heat pumps do not “create” heat energy. It is a unique system that facilitates heat dispersion through energy acquisition, then conveys that to the space that needs warmth. 

The good thing with heat pumps is that it has a dual purpose. They can also work similarly to air conditioners. During summer, they can bring in cool air from the outdoors to cool down the indoors. It’s like having an air conditioner and a furnace in one!

Will heat pumps be suitable for my home in Toronto?

Now that you fully understand how this heating system works, your interest sparks in getting one. But do heat pumps work in Canada? 

While most people think this could be inefficient, especially on a -18 degrees Celsius Canadian winter, it is not the case. While it might be worrisome to think that heat pumps may be ineffective at lower temperatures, research says otherwise. According to studies, there is still about 85% of the heat to a -18°C as it is during 21°C. Meaning your heat pump can still effectively disperse heat at that rate. Surprising, right? 

As explained above, heat pumps function by absorbing heat from the outdoor air or ground. While you can use them in most areas of Canada, some provinces may not benefit from them, such as Manitoba. Manitoba has frigid temperatures, so heat pumps may not help you survive the freezing winter. Experts recommend having a furnace system for this province for adequate warmth provision.


Do heat pumps work in Canada? Based on what we have discussed above, we know that heat pumps function effectively regardless of any Canadian season. They distribute energy rather than create them, making them ideal for your home’s needs. You can always check with your trusted local professional if you need further assessment!

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