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Being meticulous is common, especially if you only want the best for your home. No one wants wasted time and investment, more importantly when it’s your HVAC system on the line. A mini-split has caught your eye, and now you want to get it. The question is, do you know the ductless air conditioner pros and cons?

We can’t stress enough the importance of doing research when making any purchase or move for your HVAC unit. It is always crucial to learn if it’s working to our advantage or not. Lucky you, we have summarized a brief guide tackling the pros and cons of a ductless mini-split!

The Good Side of a Ductless Air Conditioner

Let’s hop on the ductless air conditioner pros and cons discussion. We will begin with understanding and reviewing the advantages of installing this type of AC for your home. 

In their direct translation, ductless air conditioners mean that you won’t need a system of ducts to cool your home. It can be advantageous, especially for people who have no ductwork installed, as it deducts the costs you need to cover. It is also helpful for people who cannot modify their homes or with prohibitions from establishing a vent and register system. Mounting the indoor unit to your wall won’t require much work and modification to your household, unlike installing a whole duct system. The best part of having this HVAC system is that they are cost-efficient compared to a central AC. While central ACs function with more energy, ductless ACs require less, so you can expect a smaller power bill next month. They give you the cooling your home needs, with fewer expenses to worry about on the coming release of account statements.

The Cons of a Ductless Air Conditioner

Now, onto the next part of the discussion of ductless air conditioner pros and cons. We will now discuss the probable disadvantages of using this type of air conditioner. 

The first one to be noted is their high upfront installation cost. Another downside is that it doesn’t give as much cool air on extra humid days. Because of the absence of ducts, ductless ACs can’t help you when your temperature drops below standard. They’re also not a good fit if you are trying to cool a larger space such as your whole home. It is only applicable for an average room or condo. Your expectations may fail you if you hope that it could provide adequate cooling for your whole household. The last thing to note is its contrasting effect on your home’s aesthetics. While this may not be an issue for everyone, some homeowners are sensitive to their household’s interior designs. Since the indoor unit is now a permanent fixture on the wall, it might be a potential eyesore. 


A thorough analysis of ductless air conditioner pros and cons is vital before making your purchase. It won’t hurt to properly do your research prior to hopping into a decision that could negatively impact your home. If you still have second thoughts and unanswered questions, it’s always best to consult your trusted HVAC expert for more advice. 

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