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Answer: It will depend on age, cost, and personal desires

If your air conditioner is old, it would be wise to replace it rather than repairing it. Remember, technology has significantly improved, and today’s ACs are efficient and cost-effective. On the other hand, if you choose the repair route, then you would want to compare repair costs and that of a new one. Contact our licensed technical expert at Air Conditioning Repair Toronto today. They will assess your unit; let you know your options.

Reducing energy bills is an excellent example of personal desire. Therefore, to cut down energy bills, an air conditioner is not only supposed to have new technology, but it should be well maintained. Remember, AC technology has significantly improved, including the efficiency of energy consumption. Remember, when it comes to replacing vs. repairing, it is vital to make the correct decision.

Answer: There are many reasons for this

The truth is that there are many reasons why an AC may not turn on. One of the issues is very simple and can be maintained by anyone or by following a few maintenance tips. However, there are those that are serious and demands the services of a professional. If your AC does not turn on, check the following:

  • A tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse
  • Dirty filter (which must be replaced often)
  • Clogged or blocked vents and register
  • Thermostat not set property
  • Condenser obstruction, which is blocking airflow.
If you have checked all of these and still your AC is not working, it is time to contact a licensed technician. They will not only inspect your unit but also ensure it is working again. To prevent such problems, you should consider booking an AC tune-up or regular maintenance service.

Answer: The problem is either duct problems or clogged filters

Uneven cooling is a pervasive problem experienced in multi-story homes. This is where temperature differs significantly from one room to the other or from one floor to the next. Below are tips to solve this problem:

• Check for blocked vents and registers

Blocked air vents and registers limit airflow, making air move to one part of a room. The only solution is cleaning or removing blockages to the vent so that air can flow freely.

This should also apply to the returning vents. In other words, if a returning vent is blocked or clogged, you will experience uneven cooling.

NOTE: first floor vents should never be closed fully. That is because doing so creates pressure build-up in the cooling and heating system, which may result in issues such as high energy consumption or equipment failure.

• Dirty Air Filter

This is another problem that may cause uneven cooling. The function of an air filter is merely that; filtering air. As such, with time, dirt, dust, and filtered particles build up clogging the filter, this limits airflow to areas you need. Therefore, it is wise to ensure that you have cleaned the air filters and replaced them in time.

• Poor Ductwork

The first symptom of poor ductwork is uneven cooling. This if these systems are not constructed or installed correctly, it may restrict airflow to certain areas of your home. The alternative is air leaks in the duct system. Leaks often are caused by holes in the system, resulting in providing too much air in some rooms and little in others.

• Attic Insulation

Home insulation performs double the work throughout the year, which is keeping the home cool during summer and warm during winter. If the insulation is not enough, it will create noticeable temperature differences between the lower and upper floors of a home.

NOTE: if you are experiencing uneven cooling changes in your home, consider switching the fan from ‘Auto’ to ‘On.’ This way, the fan will continue to circulate air even when the system’s cooling cycle goes off. This technique will even-out temperature between different floors.

Answer: All ACs on the market can be either of the three different types

• Packaged Central ACs

The term packaged in air conditioners simply refers to systems that the compressor, condenser, and evaporators are enclosed in one unit or cabinet. These types of units are an excellent option for homeowners with limited indoor space. Infarct, it is a popular choice for small commercial buildings. Some packaged central air condition systems come with a heating function.

• Split Systems

This type of system is by far the most common in many homes across Canada. This type of system has both an outdoor unit (the condenser) and an indoor unit (the evaporator), which is where the name ‘Split System’ came from. The furnace contains the evaporator coil, which includes a blower motor that circulates cool air through the duct in homes. If a home cannot accommodate ductwork, then one can choose the split ductless system.

• Mini-Split or Ductless Air Conditioners

This type is best for homes that do not have ducts or homeowners who cannot afford spending money to have ducts installed.

In fact, mini-split, or ductless AC are alternatives to window ACs. They similar to central ACs but with an outside condenser and an indoor unit with blowers mounted on the wall, ceiling, or floor. Tubing is used to connect the parts and circulate refrigerant.

Drain lines and electric lines run through the holes behind the indoor unit. Every indoor unit is controlled using a remote control.

Answer: It depends on A home’s floor size

Choosing the right AC size for your home is paramount. If you end up selecting a small AC per square footage, it will struggle to keep your home hot or cool. On the other hand, if you choose a large AC per square footage for your home, it will cycle ‘On’ and ‘Off’ consistently and end up wasting energy. Furthermore, it will not dehumidify your house adequately, making it feel warmer and less comfortable.

Aside from the square footage calculation, cooling and heating professionals take other considerations into account like:

  • The demand
  • A home’s orientation (like if it is facing west)
  • Specific regional climate
  • Age of a home
  • The quality and quantity of a home’s insulation
  • A home’s ventilation and ductwork
  • The age and size of a window
When it comes to installing a new system, do not hesitate to contact us. We offer free, none-obligation consultation regarding HVAC systems.

Answer: invest in an energy-efficient unit, programmable thermostat, closing curtains, and much more

There are many ways to cut down on energy bills, and this is a fact. To get started, work on the following simple and yet effective techniques:

• Invest on Smart or Programmable Thermostat

Honesty, they are a bit expensive but proven to help save money on energy bills. You can use a programmable thermostat to turn on one hour before you get home, which will help you avoid the cost of cooling or heating an empty house. Furthermore, many different thermostats can be controlled using a smartphone, which is also another excellent energy management technique.

• Be A Fan of Ceiling Fans

Although fans do not actually cool room temperature, it cools a person through moving air over the skin. With this technique, you are more likely to decrease AC use.

• Consider Investing on Energy Saving Light Bulbs

If you are looking to decrease your home’s overall energy consumption, consider investing in light bulbs that are energy saving. Furthermore, incandescent bulbs do not produce a lot of heat, which meals the AC will not work as hard to cool the home.

• Close Blinds and Curtains

Sun rays are stronger during summer and can heat a room quite fast. To avoid this, consider drawing the blinds and curtains, especially during hot and sunny days. Planting a natural shade is also another great option to protect your home against the hot sun.

• Avoid Cooking on Hot Days

Avoid cooking during hot days is a great way to reduce AC energy consumption. Remember, as you cook, you warm that room, which means the AC will work hard to cool that specific room. Rather than using an oven, consider using a microwave or outdoor grill.

• Furnace Dirty Filter

A dirty filter is known to increase AC energy consumption. This is because it will work hard to meet your specific demand. Consider changing the filters according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

• Invest on ENERGY STAR Certified Air Conditions

ENERGY STAR certified ACs are rated highest on the market for energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating. This simply means they use less energy to perform the same work as other models on the market. Our experts at Air Conditioning Repair Toronto will help you choose the best ENERGY START certified AC for your needs.

Answer: Warranty, energy efficiency, noise production, and others

Clearly, a new AC is a huge investment, which must meet your needs and standards. As such, it is not wise to invest in a new air conditioner without a professional. Remember, we offer FREE, NONE-OBLIGATION consultation, where we answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Below are a few basic features you must look at before buying a new system. These tips are based on professional advice:

• Energy Efficiency

According to market research, new air conditioners are 20% to 40% energy efficient compared to older models of more than ten years ago. This is why anytime you want to buy this system, consider going through the SEER rating and choose one that has at least 14.5. Remember, the higher the score, the more efficient it is, and the more you will save.

• Size

It is essential to choose an AC that goes hand in hand with your needs and floor space. If you select a large system, it will cool your home effectively but waste a lot of energy in the process. If you choose a small system, it will struggle to meet your demands.

• Warranty

Top rated and respected brands come with a 10-year warranty, with other models offering lifetime cover on the compressor, which is the most expensive part in a new AC.

• Noise Pollution

Nobody will love a system that is producing a lot of noise when switched on. This is why it is important to consider noise pollution. However, the best thing is that many systems are relatively quiet. Choose correctly to make everyone happy, including the neighbors. It is important to note that even if your indoor unit is silent, the outdoor unit may be noisy. If you are not bothered by the noise from the outdoor unit, your neighbor might not be. Therefore, before you purchase any unit, ensure that your neighbors are comfortable with the noise level.

• Local Utility Rebates

This is another feature that may influence a person’s decision. Therefore, whenever you are buying a new system, take local utility refunds into consideration, which only applies to high-efficient AC purchases. At Air Conditioning Repair Toronto, we have helped many homeowners across Canada participate in the rebate programs. To know more about this, check your local utility’s website for any available rebates.

It is important to find the right home comfort AC installation partner, just as it is vital to find a new air conditioner itself. Below are the top considerations when searching for the best AC expert.

  • Licensed and insured – Does the contractor holds these documents
  • Established contractor – What is the track record of the contractor in the community
  • Reference – can the contractor provide references
  • Does the contractor offer 24/7, 365 days’ support?
  • Do they offer work guarantees

Basic preventive maintenance is a great idea and it plays a massive role in the overall performance and durability of your system. In other words, regular cleaning and maintenance will save you money in the long run. Below are a few steps to take to ensure your system is running effectively:

  • Check, clean, or replace furnace filter – The function of a furnace blower motor is to circulate cool air from the system to your home. The simplest form of maintenance is changing the AC filter regularly. Remember, a clogged filter restricts airflow, which reduces system efficiency and the ability to cool a room effectively. It is wise to change the filters as per the instruction of the manufacturer.
  • Cleaning Debris from the evaporator and condenser – debris buildup around the condenser and evaporator will cause all kinds of AC performance issues. Cleaning the area by clearing out weeds, grass, bushes, vines, and tree branches will play a massive role in the performance of the unit.
  • Clean the Fins – When cleaning and maintaining your AC system, show the fins some love. You should clean the aluminum condenser fins with a sprayer or garden hose. However, before doing this, ensure the system is OFF. In fact, consider switching off the unit from the circuit breaker. Doing this will give you a guarantee the system will not turn on unexpectedly.

NOTE: never use a power or pressure washer. Doing this may damage internal components and any electrical connections.

• Clean the condensate drain – All ACs have the work of pulling humidity from the air, aside from heating and cooling. It pulls in hot, humid air and cools it, through the evaporator coils. During this process, the air condenses and forms droplets on the evaporator coil, which trickle down the condensate drain line.

The line may become blocked partially with mold, algae, and other kinds of debris. With time, the buildup will affect its performance. If the problem is left unchecked, you may end up with high repair expenses.

Are you busy and do not have the time to clean the condensate drain? Then you should consider our Air Conditioner Turn-Up service. The truth is that Ac maintenance takes time and effort. However, with the help of Air Conditioning Repair Toronto you do not have to worry about anything, as we will do the work for you. Because we are experienced in dealing with different types of ACs, you are guaranteed the best job ever. Furthermore, you will avoid unexpected repairs and even increase the lifespan of your unit.

Never allow your unit to sit without maintenance for long. Otherwise, you will not only reduce its performance but its life span. As time goes on, you will have to replace it or use a large amount of money to repair it. Give us the opportunity to show you that we can deliver the best air conditioning services, including regular maintenance services.