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If you are a homeowner with a system of ducts in your home, we bet you want to learn about the furnace duct cleaning pros and cons. We’re sure everyone does not want to spend extra bucks, only leading to nothing. 

According to EPA recommendations, a few things might signal your need for a duct cleaning. Mould growth, excessive dust from supply vents, and insects or rats on those vents are warning signs that your ducts need cleaning. This article will further discuss the advantages and disadvantages of cleaning your ducts regardless of whether the above symptoms are absent or present. It can help you decide what step you need to take next for your home’s safety.

Advantages of Cleaning your Furnace Ducts

There are a lot of furnace duct cleaning pros and cons. To start, let’s kick the discussion by tackling the advantages that you get from it. 

Cleaning your ducts means ridding them off of dirt and any possible debris that could be an airflow obstruction. As a result, you can expect higher efficiency of your HVAC system during operation. As dirt accumulates and compiles, your HVAC system strains itself more, leading to wear and tear. If this happens, it will lead you to higher energy bills as more power is needed to function. Making sure that your ducts are clean prevents this problem from occurring. The next benefit you can reap from duct cleaning is a potential improvement in your hygiene and well-being. Clean ducts provide cleaner indoor air, which means exposure to pollutants or allergens is less likely to occur. Especially if you have allergic rhinitis or a resident of your home is asthmatic, they could be more prone to respiratory problems if the air circulation is unclean. Clean air ducts prevent you from acquiring possible airborne pollutants that can affect your health. 

Disadvantages of Furnace Duct Cleaning

Let’s now move forward with our discussion of furnace duct cleaning pros and cons. We will now be discussing the downside to this matter.

A significant disadvantage we can note is damaging your ducts if you hire the wrong people. Some contractors can be reckless and could do more harm than give you the benefits. If done incorrectly and carelessly, the interior of the ducts can potentially have holes or leaks. It could be an issue that needs repair and would lead to more money spent. Never try or attempt to do it yourself, as you may harm your HVAC system. Duct cleaning could also be disadvantageous if there is minimal dust build-up in your vents. If you regularly replace and clean your air filters, it is improbable that debris piled up in your ducts. With that said, you might be spending extra money for nothing. 

Conclusion Regarding Furnace Duct Cleaning

We have seen the highlights of furnace duct cleaning pros and cons above. I am sure you now understand the risks and benefits you put your duct system through when you opt to do a cleaning. Always make sure that a professional technician performs this job and is careful when they do it. While experts know best, choosing the contractor you will use for your home intricately is a must. 

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