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Knowing how often should a fireplace be cleaned is vital for every homeowner with this type of heating system. As much as we enjoy the comfort they give us during winter, we also have to maintain their overall being.


No doubt, our fireplaces give us the cozy ambiance we all need. The serene feeling of being right beside them soothes our tired beings. So how many times should you have them cleaned? Is it necessary? If yes, then when is the best time to schedule it?

Why should I get my fireplace cleaned? 

If you are a homeowner who has a wooden fireplace, you sure have a chimney in your home. If you know how often should a fireplace be cleaned, you are at a great advantage. Here’s why.

Fireplace cleaning is key to preventing any possible hazards from happening at your home. Especially if you’re utilizing a wood fireplace which most homeowners love, creosote and soot build-up is very common. Creosote is an oily residue with a thick consistency and a by-product of burnt wood. While soot may be easier to clean, creosote gets stuck on the chimney’s inner lining. When left unaddressed, this can be dangerous as it is a highly flammable substance. If you don’t get your fireplace cleaned, you are more likely to have fire perils. 


When should I schedule the cleaning, and how many times must it be? 

So the question remains: “how often should a fireplace be cleaned?” 

It would help if you considered various factors as to when your fireplace needs tidying up. While most experts recommend an average of a monthly interval, it is best to clean your fireplace after every use. Other external variables could make your fireplace dirty, so you should keep that in check regularly. Cleaning the area that burns the wood using a vacuum or sweeping method helps improve the quality of your fire. 

On the other hand, you should have your chimney cleaned annually. It helps clear any possible soot obstruction and rids the linings of creosote. Dirt-filled ducts are more prone to chimney fires. While you may think that there is very little chance of encountering this, your risk increases when you disregard the cleaning required. 

Can I perform the actual cleaning myself?

Now you know how often should a fireplace be cleaned, you then start to wonder if you can do it yourself. We know this will cross your mind, especially if you want to save some bucks. 

Experts recommend having your fireplaces and chimneys checked annually by a professional contractor. However, it does not mean that you can’t do some little cleaning yourself! While waiting for your annual cleanup schedule, you can invest in your cleaning tools: brushes, rods, and shovels could be your best friends. 

Never forget to ensure you have good protection for your hands as ash and coals could still burn you even after being there for quite some time. Be extremely cautious when cleaning on your own, as you may inflict physical harm when done carelessly.  


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