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Our furnaces accompany us to endure the chilling breeze of winter. Without it, we will not be able to survive through Toronto’s cold season. As it does its job well in giving us the warmth we need, have you given your furnace the appropriate amount of attention it also needs? How often should a gas furnace be serviced, and when should it be performed? 

While it’s easy to flip that furnace switch on, most homeowners are guilty of eradicating the health of their heating systems. A lot of people skip their regular maintenance schedule. It is why most homes had problematic gas furnaces during the peak of winter when they needed it most. This article will emphasize why you should have your furnace check-ups, when to do them, and how frequently you must hire a contractor to perform them.

Why should I have gas furnace maintenance? 

Before we answer, “how often should a gas furnace be serviced?” the first question that comes to a homeowner’s mind is why they need it. We don’t blame anyone, especially if you are working on a tight budget and want to know if maintenance is worth every penny.

According to experts, they could quickly resolve most of the problems they respond to during furnace breakdowns with a regular furnace service. As a matter of fact, roughly 75% of service calls placed for a problematic heating system result from ignoring routine checks. Furnace maintenance is a complete system analysis and inspection. It entails having your technician check each component and if they function without any viable anomalies. Think of it similarly to how you go to a dentist to keep your teeth healthy. Without dentist appointments covering cleaning your tooth and maintaining your gum health, you could bear gum diseases or decays. The same thing happens to your gas furnace. The system components wear and tear through time. Without proper maintenance, you could be risking your home to air poisoning or fire hazards.

When do I schedule this, and what is the recommended frequency?

How often should a gas furnace be serviced, and how frequently must one schedule it for their home?

According to experts, every gas furnace must have annual maintenance scheduled. Preferably done during the fall season, technicians usually perform gas furnace check-ups before the winter season comes. Why before winter? Since your gas furnace primarily functions during the colder temperature, it just means that you are in constant need of it during the winter. If you never had it checked before this season hits, you will probably have a system failure in the middle of a chilly day. 

Think of it as a preparation that you do before you run a marathon. You condition all your muscles and improve your health to ensure that you run as smoothly as possible during the race. Your heating system also needs conditioning before it gives you the warmth you need for your home. 


Now that you know how often should a gas furnace be serviced, we’re sure that you will no longer think of skipping this step. Remember to schedule it with a trusted contractor to ensure you will not damage any component.

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