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If you are a homeowner who relies on the comfort that your HVAC unit brings with the help of your ductwork, you might have thought about duct cleaning. But how often should ducts be cleaned

Recommendations for frequency of duct cleaning widely vary. Different opinions come from other people and companies. In this article, we will be diving into this to compare the data available further. 

What is the recommended frequency?

So, how often should ducts be cleaned? There are two different answers to this query. According to NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association), you should clean air ducts regularly every 3 -5 years. Most HVAC companies, however, contest that statement. They are recommending duct cleaning with two years of interval. 

It could not be apparent for a unit owner to see contradicting statements. Regardless of the contrasting recommendations available, it is essential to remember that your need for duct cleaning heightens based on the factors of your home. In a more straightforward sense, it will depend on the location of your house, how often you use your HVAC system, and if your residence has occupants with respiratory ailments such as allergies. 

 While it may not be a requirement, duct cleaning is necessary once you observe problems such as rats, insects, or mould in your vents and registers. You don’t want to keep these problems hanging around or wait until another three years before they get addressed. 

What are the common issues brought about by dirty ductwork?

Now you know how often should ducts be cleaned. But are you aware of the possible issues that could arise if you left it unmaintained for a long time? 

Most homeowners report rodents lingering in their vents and registers. Sometimes, these rats die inside those ducts, and their decay causes a foul smell that could spread through your home. Their waste materials could also potentially contribute to odour and debris build-up in your duct walls. Mould and mildew could also be a potential issue if you disregard cleaning your ducts. It is a common issue, especially since your ducts have constant exposure to moisture which triggers mould growth. Once mould and mildew develop within your ducts, it could bring a catastrophic toll on your health. It could worsen your allergies, give you itchy skin or contribute to other respiratory ailments. Having regular duct cleaning as recommended could help you alleviate this issue and ensure a safer environment for your home.


The discussion doesn’t end with just knowing how often should ducts be cleaned. We could go on and on with a list of other matters involving cleaning vents and registers of your home. While the benefits of cleaning your air ducts are still under debate, there’s no harm in keeping them tidy. They are a regular companion to your home’s comfort, and you don’t want to compromise that. If you want expert advice for duct cleaning in Toronto, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We know just what’s best for your home, given our expertise in this field. 

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