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furnace humidifier installed by a technician
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So now you have decided to get a furnace humidifier for your home. You must have found the promise of moisture and more comfortable air enticing. If you have sat there and Googled “how to install furnace humidifier?” this article is precisely for you. 

We know how curious you are regarding the installation process and what entails it. In this extensive guide, we will be overseeing what your chosen technician does before you thoroughly enjoy the benefits of your humidifier for your heat-pump system at home. 

What are the steps involved?

We know you’re itching to figure out the answer to your search query, “how to install furnace humidifier.” We don’t want to keep you on cue, so we will be providing an extensive yet brief summary of how it’s done. 

The first step that your technician does is marking the holes to drill. After doing so, they align the mounting plate and attach them with the help of screws. They will then outline the humidistat’s location before cutting the hole. After this, they will proceed with installing the humidistat by attaching it. They will connect it to the furnace controls. Once finished, the technician connects the lead from the humidistat to the solenoid valve. He must use the correct size of the wire nuts to insert the wires and tighten them. 

Lastly, he will run the line to the humidifier. It is important to note that some local codes allow water lines to be tapped directly by installing a saddle valve. The technician will fasten it if this is the case. However, if they are prohibited, your technician will need to install a T-fitting and cut the waterline. In some instances, furnace humidifiers require bypass vent installation. When mandated, your technician will mark a hole for pipe insertion. The pipe is estimated to be around 6-inch. After drilling a hole using the guide drawing, metal screws will help secure the tubing. 

Can I do DIY Furnace Humidifier Installation?

Our access to the vast information on the internet sometimes triggers us to try things that must be for the experts. While you might have been curious about how a technician does it, some people search the web for “how to install furnace humidifier?” to do it independently. However, we strongly advise against this as you might not do it correctly. Especially if you are unfamiliar with such projects, it might not be best to put the risk into your own hands. A professional contractor guarantees you the correct installation and proper procedure. 

In Conclusion:

It is interesting to know how to install a furnace humidifier, especially if you want to see how the experts do it for your home. It might also be tempting at the same time to perform a DIY installation in the hopes of saving yourself a few bucks for the cost of hiring a contractor. However, installing your furnace humidifier is risky when done incorrectly. It could affect the component’s performance and give you future issues. We highly recommend seeking professional help installing this for your home in Toronto. 

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