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smart thermostat
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When the heat index climbs, it is a common reaction to crave cooler air. We want to have a way to obtain comfort without spending tons of cash. Installing your very own smart thermostat would have crossed your mind. The ease of hassle and technological advancement that it has undoubtedly sounds enticing. But is a smart thermostat worth it? 

Smart homes are becoming more popular these days. Many people slowly transition to a home controlled and operated with the tip of their fingers. As technology advances, many become highly reliant on it and its by-products. Below, we will look into this topic deeply to determine if smart thermostats are worth your investment.

 What is a thermostat’s function?

Before you ask yourself the question, “Is a smart thermostat worth it?” familiarize yourself first with the thermostat’s purpose. 

Thermostats are not thermometers — a common misuse and interchange of terms. They function as indoor temperature regulators and operate to reach your desired settings. Many homeowners swear by thermostats to keep their homes off of fluctuating temperatures. Thermostats work by the schedule and settings you input into them. If your indoor temperature becomes lower than your set standard, the thermostat takes its rightful place. It prompts the heater to power on to balance the temperature to your desired one. As a result, heat emission occurs and synchronizes the cold. Once the system has reached the desired temperature, it triggers the heater to power down next. 

In simple language, the thermostat balances and regulates the function of your HVAC system to work as desired. It controls your indoor temperature to ensure you get the comfort you need.

How does it differ from a regular thermostat?

Is a smart thermostat worth it? 

If you compare and contrast its attributes with the primitive, regular thermostats, you’d say yes to the convenience it brings. Imagine controlling the temperature, setting run time and schedules, and getting updates if your air filters need cleaning with a simple fingertip tap. With the help of your smartphone and a stable internet connection, you can adjust your settings anywhere. If you are a person who is extremely busy but still loves to hang out with your phone, this sounds like a package! 

On the other hand, regular thermostats require manual input of your desired settings. You have to get off that couch and press some buttons to set things up. Some unit owners find this inconvenient, especially when they want to set things up after a tiring day at work. Who wants to get out of a comfortable position to adjust your settings, right? 

Is it cost-efficient? 

When it comes to investing money, we want to make sure that we place it on the right things. Especially if you are a budget saver, you want to get the most out of every penny. So, is a smart thermostat worth it? 

Smart thermostats are a good fit for your smart home and busy life. They provide you with the information that is helpful for your AC. As a matter of fact, one of their key features is their ability to provide you with energy-saving tricks. They give you an actual projection of the heating or cooling costs. Cool, right? More than that, when properly programmed, they could help you save $200 annually on an average. 

Smart thermostats may have a considerable upfront cost which sometimes comes with extra fees such as installation. Your total expenses may range from $100 – $500, depending on the brand and model. While you can save some bucks from doing a DIY installation, contacting a professional to do the job is highly recommended. HVAC experts’ installation fees typically cost you $100 – $400. 

Are there any disadvantages?

Of course, everything has its cons and weaknesses. No creation is perfectly crafted. Given this fact, is a smart thermostat worth it despite its disadvantages?

Smart thermostats are not for you if you are unappreciative of technology and aren’t very proficient in utilizing it. You might find navigating and understanding the application preface hard if you aren’t as good at using phones. While they may be suitable for every home, they may not be best for everyone’s use. It does depend on the homeowner’s preference! Another factor that can be a con is compatibility. If you get yourself a smart thermostat, make sure it is compatible with the current system you have at home. Research extensively unless you are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on compatibility work, plus the hassle it brings. 

Poor Wi-Fi connection is also a significant disadvantage. Without Wi-Fi, it won’t allow you to access your smart thermostat through your phone. It could be a potential disadvantage, especially when your internet provider is down or if you have connection issues. They also require the absence of residents at a particular time of day to function at its best. Unless residents vacate the space, the smart thermostat won’t be able to adjust into a less power-consuming state. If you don’t mind being in an uncomfortable temperature to save some energy, this probably won’t bother you. 

Final thoughts

And so the question remains: is a smart thermostat worth it? 

Well, you tell us! Based on what you have read above, we sure know you now have an impression in your head. Smart thermostats may be an ideal partner for your home, or they can be something you regret buying. Make sure you know your household’s needs and preferences before getting into any final verdict. While it may sound luxurious to have a smart thermostat, make sure you don’t trade comfort for it. If you think this does bring both to you, it might be a good fit! Just be mindful of the factors, such as the pros and cons and make sure the good outweighs the bad on your end.

We’d like to think that experience beats words. Nonetheless, make sure that you do your research before purchasing your very own thermostat. If you still aren’t sure of your decisions, contact your trusted HVAC professional to help you. Aside from getting expert advice, you will feel assured and safe with your choice. 

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