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Is Air Conditioning Bad for You
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Air conditioners are a regular companion in our lives. Especially with the ever-climbing heat index, we want a more comfortable space inside our homes. But you might have wondered once in a while: is air conditioning bad for you? It is a general question that most people ask, given the extravagance of modern technology.

When days are warmer than usual, we spend most of our time inside our homes. Air conditioning units make the extreme heat bearable. We cannot question the comfort they bring to our space. But are we sure not getting ourselves into any trouble with constant AC usage?

How does the AC system work? 

Before you go into full panic mode with the question, “Is air conditioning bad for you?” Let’s take a look first at how the air conditioning unit functions. 

Air conditioners rid the indoor air of heat. They acquire the air from your home and then process it to cool it down. After the air conditioner gets rid of the unwanted humidity, it transfers this heat to the outside. It all happens through the help of the refrigerants who make the magic happen. As the procedure goes as a constant cycle, your air conditioner also filters the air circulating in your home. 

There are tons of benefits to installing an air conditioning unit in your home. But it is essential to know that to reap those, you have to perform AC maintenance regularly. Ensure you don’t miss your air conditioner checkups with your trusted HVAC professional. Aside from securing the overall health of your AC unit, maintenance checks also help you avoid the most common problems for your HVAC system.

But what could be the potential threats coming with persistent air conditioner use? Read further to know more about this and how you can best avoid it.

Dry Skin and Eyes

Is air conditioning bad for you? You might not know the answer yet, but your eyes and skin could tell. 

Too much exposure to colder temperatures in prolonged periods could result in a drier integument. Air conditioning units suck in the moisture from your indoor space. It can pull in the water from your skin and cause it to dry as it does this. The same thing happens to your eyes when humidity is lacking. 

While these are also associated with dehydration, lower temperatures are more likely a culprit. When dryness persists and is left ignored, it could lead to itchy, irritated skin. While pollutants in the air are also a factor in itchy skin and eyes, it is still best to check all the elements behind them. 

How to prevent this: If you cannot avoid being exposed to the AC constantly (say, at work), your best bet is to moisturize. While hydration is also crucial internally, your skin and eyes would need proper moisture too. Lather on some good lotion and give those eyes some mild eye drop formulations to refresh!

Terrible Headaches

We know how frustrating it might be to think, “Is air conditioning bad for you?” This overthinking could very much lead to a headache! 

Headaches are more than just a result of stressing over the question aforementioned. They are common for people constantly exposed to lower temperatures. With constant air conditioner usage, you are within a drier environment. As a result, you can experience your bodily fluids being at lower than average levels. In more straightforward language, you are being dehydrated. Dehydration could cause the brain to contract, leading to a headache. Another result could be the reduction of blood flowing to the head. It is a usual response of the brain’s membranes that surround it.

Another factor in terrible headaches could be the constant temperature changes. If you are in an air-conditioned room going out to the sweltering heat of the outside space, you can feel a pang in your head. This type of headache results from your body’s adjustments to cope with the surroundings. You can usually observe this when you come from a freezing room and then suddenly expose yourself to high temperatures. 

How to prevent this: Dehydration could lead to serious health issues. More than a terrible migraine attack, having low body fluid levels is not suitable for your well-being. Proper hydration with water or herbal teas is key to getting enough liquids to get going.

Allergies and Respiratory Issues

Is air conditioning bad for you and your respiratory system? It is an excellent question to discuss.

Air conditioners function by regulating your indoor air. While they do this, they filter it at the same time. Allergens, pollutants, and other chemical residues might be trapped and circulated back to you throughout the filter process. As moisture grows within an AC unit, mold also thrives. The filter system could also have dust mites and dirt trapped. If you have asthma or other allergic reactions to spores and other allergens, this is not a piece of good news for you. 

Studies also show that people who stay in air-conditioned spaces for prolonged periods tend to experience more respiratory issues than those who don’t. People with constant AC use report nasal blockages and dry throat more often. It is due to the lower temperature that dries out the respiratory membranes. When the throat or mucous membranes dry out, they could get inflamed and lead to irritation. If this keeps happening, it could worsen over time and cause more severe problems. 

How to prevent it: There’s no better cure for allergy than prevention. Making sure your AC’s filters are getting proper cleaning is one way. It helps you eliminate any potential allergen and saves your AC from problems caused by filter blockages. 

So does my AC impact me negatively? 

Is your HVAC system helping, or is air conditioning bad for you? You could answer that question best! 

Experts say that generally speaking, air conditioners are not totally impacting your health negatively. As a matter of fact, they help alleviate some common health issues brought by extreme heat. If you ensure they are adequately cleaned and maintained, they could also help filter out potential allergens in your indoor air! Just make sure your AC is installed and maintained by a professional to avoid any problems.

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