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technician cleaning furnace ducts
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Knowing how to clean furnace ducts might be a piece of essential knowledge for all. By following a series of easy steps, you will rid your home’s ductwork from dust, allergens, or pet hair in a matter of minutes difference!

Below, we will be providing an extensive guide that you can easily follow to clean your ducts. Make sure that you read through each one carefully, and remember the noted guidelines to avoid mishaps. It is vital to note that while you can perform this DIY cleaning, it is not an expert recommendation to execute this on your own. 

Things to Remember before Cleaning your Ductwork

Part of the process of knowing how to clean furnace ducts is prepping your HVAC system for it. Safety preparation steps are essential to make sure that you protect yourself and your HVAC system from any harm. 

Your first step to take is turning off the thermostat. Ensure that it is entirely powered down before you proceed. Have someone to accompany you to support the ladder or stool when you reach for high vents. It will help you stabilize your steps and prevent you from falling and injuring yourself. Lastly, wear a mask and protective eyewear to avoid dust inhalation or hurting your eyes. You’re now ready to embark on the first step if you have done all these.

First Step: Preparing the Equipment

How to clean furnace ducts without having the materials? Impossible, right? Make sure you don’t go unprepared for embarking on this procedure. Get a screwdriver to open the vents, a ladder to reach those higher than you, a vent brush, a vacuum cleaner, and soapy water. Make sure you also wear your cleaning clothes to avoid worrying about stains and dirt. 

Second Step: Cleaning your Ducts

To know how to clean furnace ducts, you need to familiarize yourself with using a screwdriver. It might come in handy when you need to detach your ceiling registers. Once vent cover removal is done, you can now insert the vent brush to reach over and clean the inside. Run it through the duct’s walls and rotate lightly to avoid damaging them. 

Third Step: Finishing Touch

Now you’re down to the final step of learning how to clean furnace ducts. You can now remove the brush from the inside and insert the vacuum’s hose as far as you can reach. It helps acquire all the debris that the vent brush has not removed earlier. Wipe the vent’s interior with a damp cloth and change rags when necessary. Put back all the detached covers and power your thermostat back. 

Final Thoughts

Learning how to clean furnace ducts on your own may have advantages and disadvantages. While you are saving yourself the extra money needed to get a professional to perform this, you may potentially be risking damage to your duct walls which creates leaks or holes. Caution is required and must be on your mind at all times. If you worry about doing more harm than good, there’s no shame in saving up until you can afford a professional’s service to do the job. After all, repairs may cost you more expenses in the long run. 

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