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ductless air conditioners
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Choosing the best partner for your home’s needs is a must. However, it isn’t an easy job to do! Especially when it comes to getting an HVAC unit, the market may confuse you. You might have heard the term now and then, but what is a ductless air conditioner?

As the name suggests, it is an air conditioning system that does not utilize a system of ducts. That means you won’t have to install vents (if you don’t have them yet) or get yourself involved in the intricacies of ductwork. It allows you to have cooler indoor air without undergoing an extremely uphill task. You can now say goodbye to hassle! But wait, what’s more to a ductless air conditioner?

In this comprehensive article, we will be discussing how ductless air conditioning systems function to further understand their capabilities before using them in your home. 

What exactly is this type of HVAC system?

What is a ductless air conditioner? 

A ductless air conditioning system consists primarily of one outdoor and indoor unit. Refrigerant tubes and wiring that goes through a hole in the installation wall link both of the components. The unit located indoor is typically mounted or installed on a wall. It is primarily responsible for blowing cool air into the indoor space without passing a system of ducts. Because of their versatility, they belong to the list of most accessible HVAC units to install. 

If you are the type who wants to have focused cooling on your room or a particular spot of your home, this might be for you!

How do they do their magic?

So, what is a ductless mini-split air conditioner, and what helps it function? 

The ductless mini-split air conditioning system utilizes the same cooling procedure as a typical central air conditioning unit. The main difference is that central ACs use a system of ducts to deliver cool air into your home. in contrast, the ductless mini-split system does not. 

Typically, one can put the outdoor units in places where the unit owner won’t be bothered by the operating noise. The compressor from the outdoor unit is responsible for pushing the liquidated refrigerant through the tubes. Once the refrigerant travels into these tubes in the indoor unit, it converts to gas, where it rids excessive heat in the air. Once the indoor unit blows the cold air into your living space, the refrigerant travels back into the outdoor coil, returning to a liquid state. The outdoor unit then releases the humidity absorbed by the system back to the outside world. 

Is it a good choice for your home?

If you still need more answers to the question, “what is a ductless air conditioner?” you can never go wrong in contacting your trusted HVAC professional in Toronto. Expert advice is crucial, especially when getting your very own HVAC system. Discuss all the questions you may have with them, as this is considered one of the significant investments you make for your household. Be sure to outweigh the pros and cons of using this type of AC, and consider your budget while not sacrificing your needs. 

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