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two-stage furnace in a home
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If you’re searching for the appropriate furnace for your home, we’re sure you have chanced upon the different types of furnaces. As the market continually expands, consumers can easily be confused with the various terminologies used. So what is a two-stage furnace? How does it differ from a regular one? What are the benefits that you can get from purchasing it?

We know you have a lot of questions in mind. It’s precisely why we made this article just for you! We will be tackling how two-stage furnace functions and why it’s best for your home in Toronto.

What exactly is a two-stage furnace?

Let us begin this discussion by answering the question, “what is a two-stage furnace?” 

When we say two-stage furnaces, these are furnaces that have a two-stage heating system. It means that your furnace can function within two statuses of heating output. You can adjust your heating to a high stage or low stage one through that ability. Unlike a single-stage furnace which only has the usual on and off switch, a two-stage furnace allows room for efficient heating. This optimal heating, in turn, helps a lot of homeowners save some bucks from their power bills.

How does this work?

Merely knowing the answer to “what is a two-stage furnace?” is not enough if you want to invest in this heating system. You also need to understand how it functions and operates. 

Two-stage furnaces consist of a three-position valve. These valves are more efficient than a single-stage unit, making this type of furnace perfect for you. The furnace utilizes the partially opened valve position during a standard cold temperature. Your thermostat settings and control board dictates the positioning of this valve. Once your furnace reaches the desired temperature, it will automatically power down as a response. It adjusts the fuel utilization and output based on the homeowner’s demands. For this reason, it makes it beneficial and advantageous for a more comfortable yet energy-efficient home. 

Should I purchase this for my home?

Since you now know the perfect response to “what is a two-stage furnace?” you now ask yourself if you should get this for your residence. Let’s not forget to discuss the heaps of benefits you can reap from this heating system! 

Less fuel usage is the primary and most obvious advantage of a two-stage furnace. It is synonymous with lower energy costs but without having to sacrifice your comfort and needs. Two-stage furnaces also enable thorough and even heating for your entire space. You won’t have to deal with those cold spots anymore! Lastly, air quality is improved compared to that of a single-stage unit. Since the system functions frequently, air circulation happens more often. It exposes the air to air filters regularly, which rids it of possible pollutants. This way, you are sure that your family is safe from potential allergens and dust. 

If you’re still stuck thinking about whether you should get one for your home, have a professional contractor assess your needs. It is best to have expert advice, especially when installing or replacing a heating system. 

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