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Like every home appliance, your HVAC system also wears and tears through time. There could be several factors that potentially affect the performance of your AC if left ignored. For this reason, your unit requires a regular check. So what is an air conditioner tune-up, and how does it help you maintain your HVAC unit properly? 

Air conditioner tune-ups happen mostly during springtime. HVAC experts highly recommend having your AC units checked this season because the temperature is not as hot and has lower operating costs. It also helps prepare your unit for the grueling battle it has to face once summer hits, making sure everything is working perfectly fine. 

What does an air conditioner tune-up include?

What is an air conditioner tune-up’s inclusion? Who performs this, and can you do it on your own? 

Air conditioning system tune-ups are performed only by professional HVAC technicians. They have the proper skills, knowledge and materials needed to do the procedure. Unit owners are strongly discouraged from trying DIY tune-ups as this could cause severe problems in the system. You won’t only be risking your unit’s overall health but also your safety. 

Your technician will first lubricate the moving parts and do a safety test for all controls to ensure correct function. He will then install gauges to compare temperatures and operating pressures to manufacturer descriptions. An inspection of capacitors, leaks, rust, and refrigerant levels is also performed. Aside from those mentioned, HVAC technicians performing a tune-up also flush condensate drains, test wirings, voltage and “temperature drop,” adjust blower motor and thermostat, and clean air filters and condenser coils. 

Once the procedure is through, the technician provides a detailed report for the homeowner’s review and reference. He will then inform the owner of possible problems in the unit (if any) and advise how to maintain its well-being. 

How can I help prevent problems in between tune-up visits? 

While you can’t perform the actual tune-up procedure yourself, there are several ways to help your AC retain its tiptop shape. 

Your first move must be regular checking of your air filters. Clogged air filters are the most common cause of AC malfunction and breakdown. They could potentially bring you many problems aside from allergens in the air you inhale. Be sure to clean them and replace them as recommended by your technician regularly. Next, clean your outdoor unit constantly to prevent trapped debris on your condenser coils. Get rid of tall plants, grass, or anything obstructing the area’s airflow. Poor airflow could lead to the condenser coil malfunction, resulting in your compressor overheating. Lastly, if you find it possible, decrease your air conditioner usage. This step does not only help conserve energy and lower your bills, but it also protects your AC. 


So, what is an air conditioner tune-up’s importance to your HVAC system? The answer could be straightforward yet complex to comprehend. Our air conditioners are a necessary tool to cater to survival during days when humidity is unbearable. As our home partners, we should learn how to properly take care of them and maintain their well-being to prolong their lifespan. Always schedule your AC tune-ups with your trusted HVAC technician and ensure you don’t miss it!

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