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As heat rises each day, a reliable HVAC partner is a definite need. It not only accompanies us through the peak of summer days but also gives us comfort inside our homes. With the variety of air conditioning units in the market, the central AC system has caught your eye. But hold up! What is central air conditioning system? Do you know? 

Before making that life-changing decision, be sure that you know exactly what a central air conditioner does. If you are one of the folks still eyeing further information, this article is for you. Below we will provide an extensive guide on the function and the advantages of a central AC to let you know if this is your perfect fit! 

How does a Central Air Conditioner operate?

What is central air conditioning system, and how does it function

Considered the most luxurious type of all air conditioning products, central ACs function through a system of ducts. Compared to other air conditioner variants, only central ACs can cool different parts of your home simultaneously. As the system pulls the warm indoor air into the return air ducts, it goes through the filters to remove possible pollutants. After the filtration process, it moves to the evaporator coils that house the refrigerants. The refrigerants absorb the excess heat and cool it down, which the blower fan sends into your indoor space. The absorbed heat now goes to the compressor, forwarding to the condenser coil and then releasing it to the outdoors. The cycle then repeats. 

The included components vary based on the type of the central AC. If you have a packaged system, your unit comprises a fan, fan coil, condenser coil and compressor. If you have a split system, the main components would be an outdoor and indoor unit plus copper tubing. All these parts work together for a common purpose: to rid the air of excess heat and meet the temperature set for your thermostat. 

Advantages of having a Central Air Conditioning System

Now we understand what is central air conditioning system. Let us proceed with weighing the pros and cons that come with it. 

The first advantage of using a central AC for your home is its quiet operation. Most air conditioners emit a noise when they function, but central ACs won’t bother you with it. It is because the unit which houses the compressor is outside your home. Next would be the efficacy of its cooling capability. Only the central air conditioners can cool multiple spaces at the same time. Once you power it to operation, you can expect cool air where vents are present. Since it functions this way, you are saving energy and power consumption. The costs you have to pay for your bills will be less than having different air conditioners installed or mounted in each room. Aside from the comfort of the cool air, it also guarantees you cleaner filtered air. Pollutants, dirt and debris will be gone as they go through the filter components of the ducts. 

In Conclusion

Central air conditioning systems are famous for their extreme efficiency. They do the work, and they do it well! More and more homeowners invest in this type of HVAC system. If you’re still unsure if this is for you, contact your trusted professional in Toronto for expert advice! 

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