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When the temperature in Toronto starts to drop, all eyes are on our furnaces. It’s no wonder that they allow us to enjoy a comfortable indoor temperature even on colder days. But are you giving your furnace the attention and care that it needs? Do you schedule regular professional check-ups religiously? What is furnace maintenance, and what role does it play in keeping your heating system in shape? 

While it is easy to neglect your duties to your furnace, issues with its components will remind you that it also needs some care. Like how we schedule regular dentist appointments to keep our teeth healthy, so does scheduling furnace maintenance! This article will give you a brief walkthrough of why you need this and what it does for your heating partner.

Defining Furnace Maintenance and its Inclusions

What is furnace maintenance, you might ask? Let’s define this further by studying the inclusions when you have one scheduled for your home. 

Once set with your professional contractor, expect that there will be a part-by-part examination. First, the technician might check the heat exchanger for possible damage or corrosion. It is the most vital part of any heating device, which could cause fire hazards or carbon poisoning when left unmaintained. Next, your contractor will check for any possible obstructions in the ductwork and remove them. Ensuring that there is proper airflow and no restrictions or blockages to the air pathway is vital. Accumulated dirt, debris or particles are to be removed. Your technician will also examine the furnace blower. He will ensure that there is no accumulation of foreign materials that could attract pest infestation in your home. Lastly, your technician will also inspect the blower motor. Since this draws in air and disperses it to the ducts, it is a crucial system component. During the maintenance process, the technician will perform an ampere draw. It allows them to guarantee that the blower motor operates correctly. 

Benefits of having Furnace Maintenance

Merely knowing the answer to “What is furnace maintenance?” isn’t enough for a responsible homeowner. We know you also want to see how this could be advantageous on your end. 

The first advantage is increased safety. While it’s unbearable to battle the gruelling cold without a furnace, it is also unsafe to have a heating system with component issues. You are risking your family by possible exposure to poisoning or even fires. Regular maintenance decreases the risk of system breakdowns and part failures. Next, regular furnace check-ups also save you money. Aside from keeping your power bills low, they also help you avoid costly repairs or replacements. Periodic maintenance also enables an entirely smooth and efficient system as experts examine all the parts. Any slight anomalies are addressed before they even worsen. Doing so helps prolong the lifespan of your furnace. 


What is furnace maintenance, and why does your home need it? If you’re still looking for more information, you can always place a call to your trusted professional. They can help you assess the needs of your furnace better and provide expert advice on all your concerns.

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