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If you are looking into maintaining your ducts properly, you sure have wondered what the average cost of duct cleaning is. Experts advise that you do this regularly to ensure the overall health of your duct system. And we know that it is typical for homeowners to cue in questions, especially when keeping your budget in mind. 

While it is essential to perform this cleaning periodically, most unit owners worry about the cost that comes with it. Depending on several factors, the price can vary and differ. In this article, we will be discussing the price range of duct cleaning and the variables that influence this pricing.

How much does it cost?

We won’t keep you waiting and wondering about the average cost of duct cleaning. Typically, the range goes between $200 to $500, which varies on other factors present. On a national average, we can say that it would be around $373. Below we will provide a brief guide on the elements and the computation of this costing. 


The accessibility of your vents is key to determining the average cost of duct cleaning for your home. If your ducts are within areas that are hard to reach or need a technician’s crawling, it might mean an extra charge on top of the agreed cost. Of course, this is still dependent on other factors within the scope of the job and the rate of the contractor you are hiring.

Your Ductwork Type

The average cost of duct cleaning is highly dependent on the type of ducts that your home has. 

Each duct has a different tool or equipment utilized for cleaning. For example, a flex duct’s devices vary from a foam board duct. Foam board duct cleaning is done through the help of vacuum and air wash, while flex ducts require special tools. It is for this reason that not all contractors offer flex duct cleaning. It means that this might cost you extra bucks if you have flex ductwork in your home.

Size of your ductwork

Depending on the size of your home’s duct system, the average cost of duct cleaning may vary. Experts usually depend on their charges by square footage or the number of vents. Each vent ranges from $25 to $50 to clean in an approximate cost. Meanwhile, each square foot ranges from $0.15 to $0.25 on an average estimate. While every contractor’s preferred billing varies, others also charge by the HVAC system. When this is the basis, cleaning could cost anywhere between $300 to $700. 


The average cost of duct cleaning greatly varies on critical factors and contractors. You should do your research well when choosing who to hire, as careless technicians could damage your ducts. A thorough analysis also allows you to get the best deal in the market, potentially saving you money. Just make sure that you don’t compromise your duct cleaning by going for a cheaper option. Always consider the quality of work as it is, above all, the most critical factor when performing duct cleaning. 

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