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Surviving the scorching summer heat is no easy task. We rely on our air conditioners most during this time of the year. While we all want cooler indoor air, we can’t deny the fact that we don’t wish to spike our energy bills. For this reason, one must know what temperature to set air conditioner in summer. 

While you may want to retain a comfortable space and budget-friendly bill, it might be hard to do so. Many unit owners find themselves stuck in choosing among the two. How would you best handle this situation? What are the factors that you need to consider? 

What do experts recommend regarding temperature settings?

What temperature to set air conditioner in summer? 

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 78 degrees Fahrenheit is the best temperature to set your AC during summer. This recommendation decreases by 10 degrees during winter when days are colder. Both suggested temperature settings rely on the baseline of having residents at home and awake. Although this is a piece of essential expert advice, you may find that this temperature could be uncomfortable for you. Don’t fret about adjusting based on how you see fit! After all, you are the person who experiences it firsthand. It is imperative that the household’s needs be met and satisfied. 

Comfort or Fewer Expenses: Do you have to choose?

As a homeowner, making decisions for our abodes can significantly impact all the people residing with us. We must know how to hover in between everything correctly. Comfort or budget — why give up one when you can work on balancing both? How would you decide what temperature to set air conditioner in summer if you have two factors at stake? 

Good news for you! We have a few tips to get everything in sync and harmony. If you want to keep your cool air while at the same time not taking any toll on your electrical bill, you can try to configure your thermostat at varying temperatures throughout the day. While you do this, you have to keep an eye out for the outdoor temperature. The lesser its difference with the indoor temperature, the lesser your HVAC’s power consumption will be. When following these steps, be sure that you are adjusting based on the highest comfort tolerance of your home’s residents. If you only focus on one goal, you are beating the purpose, so work on keeping the balance. 

A word of advice

Seventy-eight degrees Fahrenheit may not be everyone’s answer to “What temperature to set air conditioner in summer?” It may be warmer than usual preferences, and you would need to adjust it based on that. Especially if the heat climbs and you are looking for relief, you might need a different setting than what the experts recommend. 

To better suit your needs, try to adjust your indoor temperatures by a degree or two slowly. If you find that it’s too hot, change it. If you feel chilling because of the cold, adjust it. Work your way up or down until you reach the desired comfort. If you’re torn and unsure of what to do, place that call to your trusted HVAC expert for advice! 

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