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Knowing when to do AC maintenance is key to a longer life span of your HVAC unit. It allows you to ensure the longevity of use and enables you to secure your safety from potential AC issues. Like how you take regular gym sessions to keep your body in shape, having routine AC maintenance allows you to keep your AC in its tiptop shape. 

So, when must one schedule maintenance? This article will tackle the expert-recommended season to schedule, the reasons behind this, how often one must do this, and more. 

What is the best time to schedule AC maintenance? 

So, you want to know when to service your air conditioner? We won’t be leading you anywhere else but straight to the answer! 

HVAC technicians and experts recommend having your regular air conditioner maintenance during spring. Why so, you might ask? There are a few reasons behind this which we will be discussing further.

Typically, spring comes before summer kicks in. It is the season before the hottest days. Your air conditioner will work the extra mile to give you cooler indoor air amidst the scorching temperature during summer. As a result, it strains the air conditioning unit to operate more than usual. Having your routine maintenance just before summer lets you ensure that your AC unit is ready to face the rigorous battle of summer heat. While some people prefer to do it in the early days of summer, this is not advised as HVAC companies are the busiest during this period. It will be hard for you to fit into a schedule and, most likely, will not be serviced right away. 

How long does routine AC maintenance last, and how much does it cost?

Since you know now when to do AC maintenance best, you probably are curious about how long it takes and the pricing. 

The regular HVAC maintenance lasts for about 1 – 2 hours, depending on if the technician finds an issue with your unit. It can also vary with your unit size, air conditioning type, when your last AC maintenance is, and the area of your home. It can be longer than a couple of hours if a repair is needed. 

While many people avoid spending money on AC maintenance, we can guarantee that it’s worth every penny. It is better to have AC maintenance performed rather than an AC repair. It saves your air conditioner from possible issues in the future while at the same time easing the hassle of worrying about your unit. With standard charges ranging from $140 – $220, you are saved thousands of bucks from having to repair your AC parts or replacing your unit. 


While knowing when to do AC maintenance is essential, you also need to take care of your unit throughout the year. Since AC routine checks don’t happen every day, it is a unit owner’s responsibility to also look after their HVAC system. 

Cleaning your air filters regularly is one way of taking care of them while awaiting the time of your AC tune-up. It ensures safe air blown into your home and prevents possible issues with your air conditioner. If you need help scheduling an AC maintenance, don’t hesitate to ask your trusted HVAC professional in Toronto. 

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